Downhill mountainbikes

I first became interested in downhill mountainbikes in the early 2000's and after seeing how much these things cost (around £5000) for a full on race bike, I decided i would design and build my own.

I decided in the end to use T45 chromoly steel instead of the more normal aluminium that the large bike manufacturers use as each time i made an aluminium frame i would have to travel 90 miles to find a decent heat treater, also it is not easy to find extruded aluminium in the shapes i needed  in small quantities.

T45 is quite easy to obtain in the uk as it is used in many motorsport applications, so I bought my own, made a simple jig to build the bike in and got to work, all the angles were worked out from referencing the preffered geometry at the time. the suspension ratios and travel were worked out the good old fashioned way, drawn and then wooden templates made so I knew when i finally machined parts it would all work as intended.

All tubing was cut and profiled by hand and all the machined parts I made  at work after hours, the result is each frame took around 50 hours to complete working in my spare time. All components are just off the shelf and fully built the red bike has 8 inch travel front and rear and weighs 41 pounds, about average for a downhill bike..

Titanium gearbox bike 

Always looking for a new challenge, I decided to build a gearbox bike, the gearbox or g-boxx as its known was bought from germany, the next step was what to build the frame from, aluminium g-boxx bikes already exist so I first thought T45 again, the i thought if i'm going to all the trouble of making a g-boxx bike why not make something really different, so i chose titanium, again not the easiest thing to get in the sizes and quantities I. needed, after much searching I got all the bits i needed then spent many many hours machining building and welding, the result, the first ever titanium framed gearbox downhill bike, I raced it a couple of times but by then i was more interested in motorbikes as every downhill race I attended involved at least 350 miles travelling for what equated to around 20 minutes actual riding time, only living 20 minutes from silverstone i turned my attention to motorbikes and track days.