Category: Online Shopdownpipes
2" link pipe to fit all Buell tube frame models
Saab 9-3 og 3
Reference: 93OGDP
Category: Online Shopdownpipes
3" downpipe to fit saab 9-3 og models, mandrel bent 304 stainless construction, fully tig welded and argon purged, 200 cell race cat, fits to oem system or can be made 3" throughout. *made to order*
Saab 9-5 downpipe
Reference: 9-5DP
Category: Online Shopdownpipes
Downpipe to fit all models of Saab 9-5, constructed from 3" 304 stainless, all tig welded and argon purged, supplied with 200 cell race cat unless otherwise specified, will fit onto oe system *made to order*