Saab Downpipes and Exhaust Systems

At Aph we offer sytems for most Saab models, others can be catered for on a one off basis.

Firstly the 3" Downpipe for the saab 9-3 Aero model 2003- onwards

All Stainless construction with a free flowing 200 cell cat,

sufficiant to pass euro 4 emission regulations

 All tig welded and purged, "v" band joints to aid fitting, can be made to fit the original system or 3" throughout


Also  available The 3" downpipe for all saab 9-5 models

available as a sraight through non cat or can be made with a 200 cell cat, once again all tig welded and purged, can be made to fit up to the existing system flange or a 3" system.