Aph Performance Engineering is pleased to announce we have recently purchased all the Vauxhall Vx220 exhaust jigs, drawings etc from cte adv tech.


We can now offer everything for each model of vx220 from tubular manifolds, turbo downpipes to full systems, We can manufacture repackable silencers and also offer high temperature  silencer packing material for extreme applications.


We will be working with all the previous suppliers who were using cte as well as going forward with new outlets.


So same quality vx220 exhausts just now from a new manufacturer


2.2 n/a manifold, 2.5" downpipe and silencer


S/charged manifold, 3" downpipe and silencer


3" Turbo downpipe and silencer


200 cell cat as standard in all downpipes, 100 cell optional.